Sunday, October 20, 2013

Posted by Charles R Marquette                

"Where did all the good men go?" (Where did all the good slaves go?)

 That is a question that, from time to time, I hear traditionalist women asking. Since these women seem to be clueless of the whereabouts of all the 'good men,' then I'm going to take upon myself to provide some clue to that question, so here we go. Ma'am, many of these men died in the Titanic—just one example out of many—letting the women and children off first due to an old and outdated social construct called “Chivalry”; where men were—and still are—expected to fulfill a disposability role in every respect. “Chivalry” was predicated on the notion of the greater extended altruism for what was—long ago—viewed as the weaker sex. Since women have *fought* for “equality” and “equal” treatment, logically it follows then that “Chivalry” is a priori sexist to the state of gender affairs that feminists and their government lapdogs have forged since the ‘60s. So now you have to open your own freaking doors, pay for your own freaking meals (or pitch in half of the tab when we go out), pay your own rent or mortgage, and if you don’t know how to swim, you better learn now in some freaking case you might find yourself aboard of a sinking ship. If  I, for example, happen to be on the same ship you're on and I see you struggling, I would try to help you if I can, but I am not going to give my life for you because I do not believe that your life is more precious and valuable than my own; and no, you are not the highest form of life in the universe that must be revered and treated in the upmost special way. Yes you are special—but no more than everyone else. If women want to be treated equal in every respect, then chivalry must die. There's only room for one or the other. You can't have both. 

As a man, I also have a question that is very valid and, in my judgement, deserves some consideration; even though the question bears all the resemblance of a retort. Why are those women asking "Where did all the good men go"? Are they all worthy of deserving a 'good  man'? We could ask similar question about the "good women." But MGTOW man, as myself, is not going to ask the question because a) we already know the answer to the question and b) we don't give two hoots. We simply stopped caring. So those women out there who consider themselves to be "good women" (whatever that implies) need to ask themselves the question: Why men stopped caring? What are the reasons?  

Chivalry, however, has not completely died--I have to admit. But if it has not completely died is because we still have lapdogs of every stripe, manginas, pussy-beggars, white-nights, simpers and men who are yet to understand that they have been used as nothing more than domesticated doers, ATM machines and disposable appliances that can be tossed to the side when women no longer have use for them. Those men are great in number and they are getting in the way whenever those of us, who have taken the red pill and now can clearly see the reality of our predicament, try to pull the fucking plug. No one holds those men more strictly to live up to a presumed duty or obligation to women than themselves. And even the so-called “women’s liberation” has done very little to free those men from the social mechanism that trained them to become willingly indenture to women. Moreover, they are even proud of their indenture. Amongst those men, there are those who want to let it go but are having an extremely difficult time to let it go. Because although striving in vain and valiant against unacceptable and unfair odds, and not even being equally rewarded or reciprocated for their servitude, for those men there is nothing more devastating than to have failed in living up to the demands and expectations of western Chivalry. The only value of their existence—they came to believe—is the impossible task of making a woman happy by meeting all of her whims. Chivalry code has always been a huge burden on men. Much more has—society at large—expected from men than from women; and whatever benefits or reward men could draw from his subservient behavior is, and it has always been, illusory or superficial. Moreover, she does not feel she is under any constrains to reciprocate him or even respect him. Except for a 10% or so of men (the elite rulers) most men--the ordinary men--are born to chain of servitude and disposability roles; then to add more insult to this predicament, they are told that they are part of the "privileged patriarchy." 
Here is an excerpt from an article titled “Chivalry is Dying but the Feminists Aren’t Killing It” written on a website named Wayland’s Wall, by a guy who wholeheartedly subscribes to this medieval construct. He writes:
“If it were up to me, chivalry would be defined as the placing of one’s comfort, safety, and happiness over one’s own.”
Why? What exactly would compel me to believe that someone’s—who I don’t even know—comfort, safety and happiness are far more important than my own? Am I being selfish? Well not entirely. Despite of having what it may be a radical view about chivalry, I also have some alturistic belief of the stronger [helping] the weak, and the more resourceful helping the disadvantaged. However, that does not lead me to believe that other people's wellbeing are of higher value than my own. I have two young daughters I do love dearly—for whom I would give my life if needed to, and without the slightest blink, but only because they are my children and not because they are females. For all others I would do my best to help but only to the extent that my personal safety and well being are not compromised. Here is another excerpt from the same article:
“If you notice a woman following closely behind you to a door, by all means, hold the door for her….If she instructs you not to hold the door for her in the future because it enforces benevolent sexism, don’t hold the door for her. That too, in my opinion, is chivalry. If the situation is hazy, then ask what’s up, and that’s also chivalry.”
The way I see it, this simper is telling us that in such a possible scenario, to stand still and squeeze your brains until it begins to bleed internally or you manage somehow to figure out what the bitch’s whim is going to be then act accordingly. Fucking pathetic!
There is nothing honorable about a compulsive subservient behavior. Having good manners and being respectful—not just to women but to everyone—has nothing to do with the antiquated, gendered and knightly chivalrous medieval bullshit. And not expecting to get laid just for a freaking drink you choose to buy to a woman is just plain common sense and nothing more.
What is curious, or rather dichotomous, is that women who advocated for “women’s liberation” and got it, are now vilifying the increasing number of men—as myself—who refuse to keep on playing the subservient chivalrous role that was bequeathed to us. We consciously refuse to engage in toxic relationships that can be equated to playing Russian roulette—where men have nothing to gain and everything to lose—including his sanity and even his life and nobody, and I mean NOBODY, will give a fuck.
So where did all the ‘good men’ go? Nowhere! We have been right here. We simply have undergone through a process of conscious transformation. We were left with no other choice. Feminism told women that they can have it all, that they are free to do whatever they wish and answer to no one. Get up and leave their family behind to pursuit whatever whim their hearts desire regardless how many people they leave behind hurting, Women were told that they can terminate a pregnancy if they wanted to and not even to take into consideration how the father feels about it. That is their choice and only theirs. He has no say in it and no right whatever. Not only that, women were told that they have the exclusive right of going ahead with the pregnancy if so they chose and force the men into fatherhood against their will or ability to take on the responsibility of being a father. It is quite puzzling to me that most women are unable to understand the male value system in spite that they have greatly benefited from it, and tend to see almost everything solipsistically.  
The erroneous assumption was that men—every one of them—would simply absorb all of the changes, adjust to them, conform to them, roll over and pretend that everything is fine and dandy. And yes, many men have done just that, but not all of them. If you women change—and you have—it is impossible for many men to remain the same. I want you all to know, and you better get used to it, that there is a different breed of men who do not give a fuck about you, your whims, your bitching, vexing, whining, complaining, your moaning and your ever-changing high expectations from us that is freaking difficult to keep up with. We will not answer to your demands and we will not act according to your expectations. If you are more than able and capable of subsidizing your own whims and desires, then get rid of your bloated sense of entitlement and do not demand or expect from us to do it for you. And if we both agree to engage in a serious relationship, then you have to bring to the relationship things of equal value to whatever your expectations are from me to trade off. If all you bring is your vagina and an unjustified sense of entitlement, then you need to turn around and get lost. We are MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)....the runaway slaves of this times. We have left the plantation for good!
We are setting our own standard and definition of what “to be a man” and a “good man” is—completely different and independent from women’s validation and self-serving definition of what is “to be a man” and that of their pathetic apologists, whiteknights and male simpers who are always thirsty to side with them. And your shaming tactics, vitriol and scorn will not work on us because we recognized that your plethora of disparagement such as “you need to man up,” “you're not a real man,””be a man,” etc, are tactics to manipulate men into compliance. To coerce them to do things for your own self-serving interest. We are awakening and becoming fully aware of your true nature--who you are, what you are, what you aren’t, and what you want, and so our thoughts and actions will no longer centered around you. That does not mean we hate you. We can't hate you for being what you are, and have always been, anymore than we would hate a lion for being a lion and do what lions do. The high pedestal upon which you were placed has always been artificial and illusory, and as such, it has began to crumble from under your feet like a little house build from a deck of cards  Our self-worth does not need your approval or validation; so any opinion you might have on the matter will be equated to a pile of dog feces. We have come to realize that the first obligation we have is to ourselves and to any other thing of our own choosing. Our self-sacrifice will have at its core our own [personal] vested interest. We pay no heed to what you [expect] from men, and we certainly don't give a flying fuck about your personal ideological investment, and your gynocentric idea of what to be a man should be like.                                     

 Chivalry is no longer breathing on its own—it can’t—is connected to an artificial breathing machine and we are about to pull the damn plug and let the bitch Rest In Peace.

                                               LONG LIVE MGTOW!!!  

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